P3 Artworks
San Antonio after dark!


You're a little early. We're not open to the public yet, but since you're here, let me introduce myself.

I'm Michael Piper (call me Mike), the owner of P3 Artworks.

What is P3 Artworks, you ask? Great question, I'm glad you asked. The best way to explain that is to tell you what the P3 acronym stands for, and go from there. My business name isn't actually P3. That's just an easy, short way to say it so you can find my website. The actual name is Piper's Phantasmagorical Photography Artworks.

Piper is self-explanatory.

Phantasmagorical is the one I'm sure you're sitting there staring at. Here's where you'll start to get a sense of what this is going to be. I don't do "normal" photo work. Its boring, normal, and everyone does it. I'm not normal, and neither are you . We are unique individuals! And I want to celebrate and illustrate your unique personalty! My goal is to create a portrait that expresses your own personality and inner reality. These will be conceptual or creative portraits, not something you'll ever see at Olan Mills or from your traditional location portrait Photographer.

Photography is the third P-word in the name, because each portrait starts with a photograph of the person, in a setting and dress that best expresses their personality.

Artworks is the last word in the business name because not a single portrait will be just a photograph. The finished portrait will be an artistic interpretation of the personality and imagination of the individual.

In general, each portrait will start with a number of  hours worth of Photoshop editing and creativity. Don't expect an overnight turn around like some photographers who point, shoot, process and send to you. How much will actually go into each portrait will depend on what it takes to create the final artistic expression. Some images will be ready after as little as 3 hours. But, some artworks have taken 32 hours of work to get them ready.

So, there you have it. P3 Artworks. My goal is to let the inner you out for others to see. Keep an eye on this page for news and updates.

To reach me, email me at MikeP3Artworks@gmail.com