1/28/2019 - Michael Piper



This is your first chance to see a little about what I do.

Below, photo 1 is the original photo I took. The subject is posing in Phil Hardberger park around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Photo 2 shows the finished piece. The lighting was changed, the personality of the visual was pushed closer to a graphic novel or creative painting through the exaggerated highlights and shadows which are much more extreme than they ever are in real life under normal lighting conditions, especially just the natural sun light.

The magic wisps and auras were added and then a full texture overlay was applied to add a moodiness to the final image.

Photo 3 is the second source image. Here you see the image as it was shot, with just basic processing applied, similar to a standard photograph or portrait.

Photo 4 shows the finished piece.  The time of day was changed from later afternoon to midnight. a moon and back lit clouds were added into the sky after the overall time/lighting was changed. Then the shine of moonlight was added to illuminate the subject, and isolate him from the overall darkness of the late night. Then some additional custom shadows were added to line up with the moonlight direction. some additional shadows and an overall texture was then added to blend everything together and enhance the feeling of mystery.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4